Adam Radly Bob Bates: How to nail a job interview

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars talks with the founder of Jewel Toned, Rachel McCrary. The founder stresses being honest about your work experience. She cites a time when an interview candidate did not include truthful information on her resume and couldn’t keep facts straight in the interview.

If you’re hoping to show off your skills, bring up a negative experience you went through and speak about what you learned.

To get a better sense of your candidate, ask he or she what they would be doing if money was not an object. Or, as McCrary recommends, see if they can point to the one thing they wanted to do in their lifetime.

Moreover, if you are an entrepreneur walking into an interview, show off your diverse array of skills and how resourceful you can be overall. In this way, you are automatically showing how being an entrepreneur can be a huge benefit to any company.

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